About Us

Size4footwear.com Ltd is a family owned business, run by footwear specialists. Our family have been in the footwear trade for over 150 years, spanning 6 generations, and our sister retail Company is Scotland’s oldest independent shoe shop. The business would not be here today if it was not for our expertise in selecting excellent products, fantastic prices, and personal, caring, customer service.

Within this website, we specialise in ladies size 4 / 4.5 and men’s size 7 / 8’s sample footwear from many leading brands, at exceptionally low prices. These shoes/sandals/boots/slippers will, in many cases, be styles that are available to you, the consumer, up to 6 months before they are available to purchase in the shops. This provides a unique buying experience for all of our customers. All brands are renowned for their many comfort elements together with up-to-date styling.

Our aim at size4footwear.com is to provide our valued customers with pleasurable and stress free shopping, from the comfort of your own home. With an easy to navigate website, efficient delivery service, terrific products at fantastic prices, we firmly believe you will enjoy your size4footwear.com shopping experience and look forward to welcoming you back.